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2 - 3 Times Per Week on non-consecutive days. Perform for 4 or more Weeks.

  • Keep spine in neutral and with good posture during Stabilization and Strengthening Exercises.
  • Lifting, pushing and pulling less than 15 pounds until six weeks.
  • Keep all movements very slow and controlled.

  • Gain proper postural control via light Stabilization and Strength Exercises.
  • Increase Cardio Exercise to 30 minutes.

  • Continue daily. Slowly working up to 30 Minutes of light Walking or Stationary Bike to start. Bicycle set up should enable proper posture.

Exercise 1: TA Activation


5 reps. Hold bottom for 5 seconds each rep.

Exercise 2: Scapula Retraction Adduction And Depression


Hold bottom position for 4 Seconds. Do 5 Reps.

Exercise 3: Seated Cable Row


NOTE: Can be done with Theraband Tubing or Cable Machine. 2 sets of 12 reps with very light resistance. 2 count in, 2 count hold, 2 count out.

Exercise 4: Prone Arm Raise


Hold top position for 2 Seconds. Do 5 Reps on each side.

Exercise 5: Seated Thoracic Extension


Hold back position for 5 Seconds. Do 5 Reps.

Exercise 6: Prone Plank From Knees


Hold top position for 10 seconds. Do 2 Times.

Exercise 7: Deep Cervical Flexor Strength Supine


Hold top position for 5 Seconds. do 3 times.

Exercise 8: Ball Seated Leg Lifts


5 Reps on each side. Keep very slow and controlled.