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  • Avoid bending, twisting, lifting, pushing and pulling 5 pounds or more for six weeks.
  • Limit sitting (Desk / Car). 30 Minutes max at a time (take frequent standing / walk breaks).

  • Diminish pain/inflammation and minimize upper extremity radiating symptoms (ice, modalities as needed).
  • Achieve proper Muscle firing of Deep Abdominals, Spinal Muscles and Glutes

  • Cardio: Walking or stationary bike two times a day, 10 minutes each session to start.

Exercise 1: Seated Hamstring Stretch


Hold Stretch for 30 Seconds. Do both sides.

Exercise 2: Quad Stretch Foot Supported


Hold Stretch for 30 seconds. Do both sides.

Exercise 3: Standing Calf Stretch Hands On Wall


Hold Stretch for 30 Seconds. Do both sides.

Exercise 4: TA Activation


Hold bottom position for 5 Seconds. Release with full control. Do 5 Reps.

Exercise 5: Prone Arm Raise


Hold top position for 2 Seconds. Do 5 Reps on each side.

Exercise 6: Glute Sets Supine Knees Bent


5 Reps holding each Rep for 5 Seconds.